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Turn Your Biggest Asset Into Something More

Roof Mount

The most traditional of residential solar applications, a roof mount is that fastest and easiest way to turn your biggest asset--your home--into a literal powerhouse!

Ground Mount

A perfect way to maximize the solar production is by building an array to the perfect Southern exposure and angle.

Solar Pergola

A solar pergola is the perfect addition to your home, marrying functional space and solar production!

Turn Your House Into a Power House

The Process

Proposal Request: The start the solar process the client will send in examples of current electric bills and answer several questions to assist Green Earth Energy understand your complete energy needs, as well as understand your property’s limitations.

Project Engineering: Green Earth Energy’s engineers and project administrators will use the electric bill and information provided to use to build a photovoltaic array using  a variety of calculations to design the most productive solar application to fit your home or business.

Project Proposal: Green Earth Energy’s knowledgeable sales consultants will meet with you to go over all aspects of your proposed system design, discuss possible design changes, and the finances of the system. Green Earth will begin with assisting the client in obtaining pre-approval financing for their project.

Signed Contract: Client will sign a contract for the agreed upon build of the solar system, including the expectations and limitations of Green Earth Energy. Green Earth Energy’s project managers will being permitting process pending financial pre-approvals and deposits.

Secure Financing: Green Earth Energy will send the signed contract to the appropriate financial houses to complete the financial loan process. Green Earth Energy’s project manager will begin scheduling of the project’s installation schedule.

Installation: Green Earth Energy’s Field Crew will begin working on project site following the arrival of all applicable permits. Electrical crews and installation crews, composed of all Green Earth Energy employees, will install your solar array.

Interconnection: Following installation, proper inspections from local and utility authorities and the final payment schedule, Green Earth Energy’s engineers and electrical crew will energize your solar project and complete interconnection to the grid.

Monitoring, Maintenance & Rebate Administration: Green Earth Energy will monitor the production of your system and administer all applicable rebates per our contractual obligation. Green Earth Energy will provide the maintenance on your system should there be any deviation of normal operation and shall be submitted to the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty of equipment. 


Increased Home Equity

Whether you choose to purchase your solar outright or choose one of our flexible financing options, now is a shining opportunity to become energy independent! Owning your solar system adds value to your home, rather than leasing your roof and purchasing your energy from someone else.

Time Tested Confindence

Green Earth Energy is in a very unique position by having tremendously strong relationships with many companies that directly manufacture most of the finest solar components available. Our residential systems feature the same products as our world-class commercial clients' systems. Green Earth Energy systems are subject to the highest standards of testing for resilience and productivity.

Financial Incentives

Local and National incentives are positively impacting the cost of owning your solar system. Our INCENTIVES tab will allow you to see all the applicable financial incentives, as well as other state specific information regarding renewable energy--including solar.

It's a Great Day for Solar

Upfront Costs $0 $0
Electricity Cost Savings 25% - 35% Up to 100%
Incentives None 30% Federal Tax Credit
Can you make money? No Yes
Savings Some savings, little control Greater savings, more affordable than ever